Baling villagers incur RM550,000 in losses due to floods

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Villagers in Baling are urging government officials to visit the district to see for themselves the damage caused by Monday's floods. – Facebook pic, July 7, 2022.

RESIDENTS in Kg Hangus near Baling have suffered losses of about RM550,000 when their household items and vehicles were badly damaged due to the floods and water surge incident that occurred on Monday. 

A check by Bernama today at several houses in the village saw the compound of their homes covered in thick mud and the effects of floodwaters on parked cars.

Today, the fourth day after the floods, they were seen busy cleaning their houses with the help of volunteers from civil society groups and the public as well as government agencies such as the Civil Defence Force and Volunteer Corps Department. 

A villager, Umi Munah Mat Rejab, 70, said all the furniture and kitchen items as well as electrical appliances were completely damaged and could no longer be used, while a Perodua Myvi car and four motorcycles were also submerged in water.

Her daughter Siti Hasnah Aziz, 38, said the losses suffered by her family due to the disaster was estimated at about RM200,000 as her family’s house had just been renovated last May.

“All the items in the house such as the refrigerator, beds, and mattresses were damaged and can no longer be used. So, I hope the government can come to every flood victim’s house and see the losses suffered,” she said.




Siti Hasnah also thanked all parties that were willing to come forward to help clean her mother’s house.

Another resident, Azizah Ahmad, 69, said she incurred losses of about RM200,000 after her house was flooded and two cars, a Perodua Viva and Perodua Alza, were also submerged.

“Everything in the house is gone and damaged. There is nothing left. There is a lot of mud,” said Azizah while thanking all those who came to help clean her house. 

Mohd Suzairee Shaharin, 39, said he suffered about RM150,000 in losses after two Wira cars and four motorcycles were submerged in water. 

He said his sons’ school equipment was also damaged and they needed new ones. 

“We also face constraints to clean the house because of the thick and abundant sludge, what’s more, there is no proper equipment to clean the house,” he said.

In the flood incident that claimed three lives, 12 villages were affected, with 15 houses badly damaged and no longer fit to be occupied. – Bernama, July 7, 2022.

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